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Enfermera para Campamento

Enfermera para Campamento
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Jobs on CareerMine expire for many reasons. Either the employer has requested the advanced expiration of the job (as the vacancy has been filled or cancelled), or the job ad has expired after its normal running-time of 60 days within the CareerMine system. While there is the possibility that the vacancy may still be active, it is most likely that it has been filled or cancelled; otherwise it would be on CareerMine still.

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CareerMine Job Id: 1051126Job Summary
Title: Enfermera para Campamento Employer Job Id: -------
Location: Todo el País Posted Date: February 27, 2014
Employer: Subscriber - Log In to see Company Name Closing Date: April 28, 2014

Enfermera para Campamento

Descripción del Cargo:


Empresa SMRL Branoe I necesita ENFERMERA para concesión minera Señor de Luren en Aija.




  • Estudios universitarios o técnicos en enfermería.
  • Experiencia en trabajo en campamento minero, seguridad ocupacional y primeros auxilios
  • Capacidad para trabajar a más de 3400 msnm


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